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"We fell in love with Oakley the instant we met her. She has such a gentle and affectionate nature and we can see her and our little boy are going to be the best of friends. The perfect new addition to our family"

Kelly & Adam




The call of greener pastures and cleaner country air saw our family make the move to Little River in Victoria in 2008.


There must be something about getting back to nature and having freedom that sparks something in animals to breed once you move to a farm.


So this is where my story begins. 


Molly, who was our first family Border Collie, affectionately known as ‘Molly the Border Collie’ introduced me to the wonderful world of breeding and finding the perfect homes for her puppies.


Molly, like many Border Collies before her, had that natural instinct to herd and I found her looking after our horses. Knowing them by name, she would go down to the back paddock and herd them up, as if I had a bridle in my hands showing her the way.

After falling in love with Molly and seeing her thrive in the open spaces of our farm, I decided to look for a male Border Collie to add to our family.

So we welcomed Rex, affectionately known as ‘Rex Rex’, who was the runt of the litter…just like Molly before him.


When the timing was right I decided to let Molly & Rex follow their instincts and before I knew it we had a beautiful litter of Border Collie puppies who became best friends to couples, families and those living alone. Over the years I have developed a system that suited our dogs and I have been able to continue to breed and provide loving homes for the amazing puppies  I have bred.


It is a wonderful and rewarding experience for our family and I often receive messages of thanks and stories of their new family member and how much joy and love our dogs I brought into their homes. 


Molly and Rex are both retired from breeding now and are enjoying their life on our farm with our other animals. However their legacy lives on through their pups who are commonly referred to as ‘The Little River Border Collies’, with one pup making it in the big time featured on a babies line of clothing for target. 


The story wasn’t destined to end there, some years later, after losing my wife's beautiful big black horse ‘Blacky’, I purchased a new dog Peggy to cheer her up, she the happiest dog I know and certainly knows the way to my heart.


Peggy is affectionately known as ‘Pegalicious’ because she was so delicious. And so the story continues,  then Tessa and  Rusty, a Father’s Day gift from my wife and the kids and it doesn't take long before I am welcoming the most beautiful chocolate and white Border Collies into the world and continue to do this today.


Although Peggy, Tessa and Rusty are now retired we continued our breeding program with Maisy, Tilly and Bentley.

Our 25 acre property provides facilities that include secure indoor breeding and sleeping pens, outdoor puppy run and ample space for our dogs to run, play and be stimulated with chooks and horses that also reside at Rockhaven Farm. I am a accredited members with Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDB) after a full vet audit on our property and successfully passing the strict criteria required to breed dogs, we have obtained full membership status. 


My message is a simple one, all dogs are beautiful and need love and care whether they are pedigree, purebred or a mixed breed struggling to be recognised. 


Therefore I do not sell our dogs with papers but understand that you will want to know the inherent characteristics of the dog you are homing. My dogs are Border Collies with all the characteristics that go with that breed.

Simply, I am looking for our dogs to go to loving caring homes and to be kept updated with their stories and journey with a new family.


Please register your interest in the contact us section provided below. 





Little River, Victoria

Phone: Lee 0425 848 325 






Our male Chocolate Tri who is a beautiful boy. He is majestic with a wonderful presence and statue, He is sure to impress anyone who views him. the son of  Rusty, he is a very domesticated Border Collie who loves going for drives in the back of the caror laying by your feet at the computer or of an evening while your watching TV. He keeps tabs on our chickens, at the pen every morning waiting for them to be let out and each evening waiting for them to be locked up, there is no way a fox will get our chickens. Bentley is a beautiful boy, a big sook who loves deeply.

Maisy and Tilly

We only have two breeding dogs at the moment as we have recently desexed Tessa. Maisy is a Chocolate and White Border Collie who is lighter in colour, medium size and love catching bugs and butterflies. Tilly is small and solid in size darker chocolate and loves to be the centre of attention, she's attentive and very clever. While she doesn't have the usual natural herding instincts, she has a very strong play drive instead and is often seen throwing toys to the horses or cows in the hopes of them playing with her!

Maisy has had  two litters and produced the most beautiful family orientated pups with Bentley. Tilly has had one litter and will have another later in the year.



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